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Inspiring The Next Generation

“Wherever there is the opportunity to live a life of comfort, there is the responsibility to lead a life of compassion.”

Public Advocacy | Sustainability | Resilience

We deliver joy to those in need.

Sustainable and eco-friendly.

Planting seeds for the future.

Milestones Since 2005

Contributed 50,000 volunteer hours toward the rebuilding of homes in the South.

Taught 4,000 youth across 50 schools how to build disaster plans and restore wetlands.

Delivered 3,000 new books and 1,000 new toys to kids affected by weather-related emergencies.

Provided 3,000 emergency blankets to shelters and various hospitals in Haiti and Puerto Rico.

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The goal is to inspire the next generation of leaders in our local and global communities.


Team Happy Foundation

Learn more about Happy Johnson at One mission: inspire the next generation through humanitarian aid and family literacy.